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Summit Travel Information

For full details on what expenses can/cannot be reimbursed, please refer to this PDF before incurring any expenses. VIEW PDF.  The meeting venue is the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, located in midtown Atlanta. We have reserved a block of rooms at the hotel at a discounted rate of $214.00/night. The room block is reserved through May 22nd; these discounted rates will not be available after that date. Please book your hotel room through our XXXXX to receive the discounted rate. Rooms not booked at this rate may not be eligible for full reimbursement.

Reimbursement for travel, meals, and lodging will be provided, following the guidelines detailed in the Reimbursement Guideline PDF. Please note that these guidelines, and the process for the reimbursement, may not be the same as at your own institution, so reading this information before you incur any expenses is critically important. One key note: there is no flat per diem being paid, all expenses will require a detailed receipt and/or other original documentation. Reimbursements will be provided only for invited Summit attendees.


If limits and procedures are followed, those invited to attend the API Summit can expect to be reimbursed for:

  • Coach class (non-refundable) air OR ground travel to the Summit hotel

  • CoveredMeals that are within the scheduled meeting times and that are not otherwise already provided. See the table below for details.

  • Up to four nights lodging (depending on which events you register to attend) (Monday 6/19, Tuesday 6/20, Wednesday 6/21, Thursday 6/22) at Conference hotel or equal/lower nightly rate if Conference-block hotel rooms are not available.

  • Miscellaneous expenses such driver/porter tips.


APIs have the option to attend the RESPECT conference that precedes/overlaps with the Summit. Additional expenses associated with that attendance (conference fees, hotel (4-night total limit), meals) will also be eligible for reimbursement along the guidelines outlined above.


Items that will generally not be reimbursed, unless prior approval  has been granted:

  • Seat upgrades, baggage fees, onboard meals.

  • Meal cost incurred due to opting out of the meals provided as a part of the Summit (unless necessitated by a dietary restriction).

  • Increased airfare or ground travel costs due to combining other professional or personal activities with the PI Summit. 


Some best practices for travel and reimbursement:

  • NSF follows the Fly America Act (49 U.S.C. 40118), and air travel is required to be through a “US flag” air carrier service. Pre-approval is required for any deviation from this practice. Note: Ticket cost and convenience are NOT acceptable exceptions, so a higher priced US flag carrier must be booked in favor of a lower cost (or better convenience) foreign flag carrier.

  • The use of local public transportation is encouraged, including shared rides - shuttle/taxis/Ubers, trains and buses.


You will need to provide an itemized receipt for all costs. A signed credit card slip or credit card statement is not adequate documentation.

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