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Laverne University

My Conference Goal:

To seek advice on how to
improve my project.

My Project Goal:

To train the trainers (teachers) on how to use Virtual Reality in their classrooms to help students with disability

Project Working Title:

AI Extended Reality for Inclusive STEM Education (AIXR4ISE)

Project Idea or Description:

To train teachers on how to use and integrate VR/XR in their curriculum to help students especially students with disability.

How will this idea advance broadening participation in computing?

Learning is not a privilege, it is for everyone.
If successful, this project will be inclusive to everyone.
1. Teachers could integrate storytelling in their lesson plan and curriculum to make their teaching more fascinating to students.
2. Students with Disability will have an opportunity to be engaged and increase their learning.
3. Students with mental health could use the Avatar to make themselves anonymous and engage.
4. All students will benefit because the project will address and include all learning style and modalities.

A resource or asset that would be very valuable to add to my project:

Time and human resources would be very valuable.

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