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Georgia State University

My Conference Goal:

To get inputs towards our RET proposal resubmission.

My Project Goal:

The proposed RET program goal is to provide the teachers with authentic interdisciplinary computer science research experiences by directly interacting with research faculty mentors and working in research lab environments.

Project Working Title:

Interdisciplinary Summer Research Experience for K-14 Teachers at the Intersection of Environmental Science, Sensing and Computing

Project Idea or Description:

The RET program will offer weekly professional development workshops to deepen the educators’ computer science content knowledge and pedagogy to aid them in teaching computer science courses in their classrooms. It will also provide support and assistance with developing the RET curricular modules. These modules will be taught by the RET participants in their classrooms and disseminated to other educators. The program will actively involve the teachers to publish their work in research journals and present their research at local and national conferences.

How will this idea advance broadening participation in computing?

The RET program will enhance the computer science education of teachers working in under-served Dekalb County (Georgia) schools. Teachers who participate in this program will not only deepen their computer science content knowledge but will also help provide impactful computer science education experiences to traditionally under-served students and take new knowledge about computer science back to their classrooms. This project will establish a partnership between GSU and DeKalb County Schools to ensure
a continuous supportive computer science education pipeline for teachers and students.

A resource or asset that would be very valuable to add to my project:

A connection with a community organization to enhance the RET experience for the teachers.

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