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Wichita State University

My Conference Goal:

My conference goal is to learn how to improve our CSforAll project for future resubmissions.

My conference goal also includes (i) sharing our CSforAll proposals with NSF Program Officers and seek for their suggestions and (ii) networking with others for possible collaborations.

My Project Goal:

The project goal is (i) to conduct collaborative research around the resources needed by schools and districts to define and evaluate multi-grade pathways; (ii) to design instructional materials for teachers to effectively integrate computational thinking (CT) and computer science (CS) into their teaching; and (iii) to support teachers to effectively teach rigorous CT/CS courses.

Project Working Title:

CSforAll: RPP: Small: Experiential Learning Pathways for Advancing Computational Literacy

Project Idea or Description:

Central to the proposed project is to design pathways that encourage school districts in developing policies and support the incorporation of hands-on CT/CS literacy. The Researcher-Practitioner Partnership (RPP) team will co-identify best practices that have value to researchers and education agencies. These practices will be tested through in-depth analyses of team-projects. Evaluation of these team-projects will demonstrate what aspects of the practices are most effective and transferable. “All Voices Must Be Heard and Respected” for a maximum benefit to this RPP project.

How will this idea advance broadening participation in computing?

This project will exemplify how to extend participant groups in computer science, engineering, and technology by involving teachers and students from underrepresented groups (such as women and minorities) and developing specific strategies for their engagement.

A resource or asset that would be very valuable to add to my project:

Financial support is needed to conduct the research activities proposed in this project.

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