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Tarleton State University

My Conference Goal:

- develop a plan to improve my proposal for resubmission
- develop a plan for external evaluation
- refine my research questions, research plan, and evaluation plan
- develop a plan to identify and address barriers for group underrepresented in STEM
- develop a list of potential collaborators for future proposals
- develop a plan to address reviewer feedback

My Project Goal:

The objectives of this research and education program are to (1) create a methodology that can be used to improve transfer student transition from a 2-year college to a 4-year college and (2) create a methodology to improve 2-year-4-year institution partnerships.

Project Working Title:

CUE-P: Broadening Participation in Computing by Strengthening the Two-Year to Four-Year College Transition in Computing

Project Idea or Description:

This project seeks to create a system of support for students who transition from a community college to a university to study compute and information systems. The program will be designed to address barriers for women in STEM.

How will this idea advance broadening participation in computing?

Women are a group that is underrepresented in STEM. This project seeks to increase the number of women earning bachelor's degrees in computer and information systems and entering STEM professions.

A resource or asset that would be very valuable to add to my project:

Program Website

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