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The Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg

My Conference Goal:

Increase my understanding of the CISE EWF solicitations and develop my capacity to submit a competitive proposal.

My Project Goal:

This project aims to serve the national interest by developing a regional model for democratizing access to inclusive and culturally responsive high-impact practices for Black/African American students in computing who are first generation college attendees at a multi-system PWI to improve persistence in computing education and careers.

Project Working Title:

Democratizing Access to HIPs for Racially Minoritized, First Generation Students in Computing

Project Idea or Description:

Informed by inclusive design thinking, this project will leverage in-person and virtual equity roundtables with current Black/African American students in computing and alumni who successfully completed two or more HIPs and are gainfully employed in the tech industry.

The second activity consists of equity roundtables with faculty, staff, and administrators to identify systemic barriers, challenges, and best practices for providing greater access to inclusive and culturally responsive HIPs.

The fourth activity consists of an equity-informed gap analysis of institutional structures, people (mindset beliefs and behaviors), policies, and practices.

Informed by inclusive design thinking, the fourth activity consists of co-designing inclusive and culturally responsive HIP exploration modules.

How will this idea advance broadening participation in computing?

Black/African American students are underrepresented in computing degrees awarded and HIPs which are associated with learning, retention, and full-time tech employment. Despite empirical research that articulates the salutary benefits of HIPs for first generation and minoritized students, persistent gaps in access and participation in HIPs persists (Finley & McNair, 2013; Kinzie, Silberstein, McCormick, Gonyea, & Dugan, 2021; John Zilvinskis, Jillian Kinzie, Jerry Daday, Ken O'Donnell, & Carleen Vande Zande, 2022a). As a result, minoritized students are underrepresented in high-impact practices (HIPs) that are not standardized and embedded in the curriculum such as undergraduate research experiences and quality tech internships.

It is anticipated that this project will increase the persistence in computing education/careers to help broaden the participation of Black/African American students in the tech workforce.

A resource or asset that would be very valuable to add to my project:

Discipline specific Co-PIs, evaluators, and a BPC Alliance.

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