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University of New Haven

My Conference Goal:

Get specific helpful improvement advising and constructive feedback to make my proposals for RET and CSforAll more competitive.

My Project Goal:

The REACT objectives are:
To advance cybersecurity education in high schools.
To target female teachers to participate in cybersecurity-focused research opportunities
To support female teachers to translate cybersecurity concepts and technologies in their classrooms
To provide cybersecurity professional development opportunities for female teachers to raise awareness of cybersecurity postgraduate education opportunities, cybersecurity research advances, and market trends and demands.

Project Working Title:

RET Site: Research Experience site in Applied Cybersecurity for Teachers (REACT)

Project Idea or Description:

The University of New Haven proposes Connecticut’s first Research Experience site in Applied Cybersecurity for Teachers (REACT). REACT aims to prepare and train 9-12 grade high school STEM teachers to enhance their scientific disciplinary knowledge in cybersecurity and translate it into engaging classroom activities and curricula broadening students’ awareness of and participation in hands-on cybersecurity research projects.
The REACT program objectives are to: (1) Attract and retain teachers from or serving groups traditionally under-represented, (2) Establish a reciprocal exchange of expertise between high school educators, research faculty, and industry mentors, (3) Develop teachers’ confidence, and capabilities of conducting independent research in multidisciplinary AC topics, (4) Support teachers translation of AC related research experiences into classroom activities and curricula, and (5) Build a sustainable Teacher Learning Community (TLC) of high school teachers supported by a community of practice that will shape collectively the future of cybersecurity in Connecticut.

How will this idea advance broadening participation in computing?

The REACT program will have a long-lasting impact on academia by providing STEM educators with the research skills to better prepare the future cybersecurity workforce. The research will result in literature, data, tools, and techniques to develop cybersecurity modules, which will be shared with educators across the nation. REACT educational materials will be embedded into high school
curricula, impacting an estimated 300+ Connecticut students per year, many in school districts that serve traditionally underrepresented and under-served students REACT will facilitate the growth of a self-sustaining teachers’ learning community that will continue beyond the project lifespan. The project stakeholders have a strong record in attracting URMs, and the REACT program will further the goal of broadening participation. The program will expand our significant outreach activities, applied cybersecurity research, and government support with the ultimate goal of improving the security posture of the nation. Lastly, REACT fills a critical gap in the preparation of AC researchers in a highly needed national priority area as emphasized in the 2021 Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Strategic Plan (RDSP).

A resource or asset that would be very valuable to add to my project:

Education Research Project to support the professional development initiatives included in the proposal.

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