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University of Central Oklahoma

My Conference Goal:

To network, form partnerships, and build sustainable ecosystems to expand STEM/computing education and transform experiential-learning experience with disruptive innovations (e.g., AI, Blockchain, metaverse, and simulations).

My Project Goal:

To build an equitable and diverse pipeline of STEM talents from all sectors and groups in our society by scaling workforce-strategies and intervention innovations while exploring supporting factors and deterrents to advance knowledge of STEM applicability, partnership sustainability, model replicability, and skill transferability into the domains of emerging careers.

Project Working Title:

AIMGLOBAL Workforce Development Model with Disruptive Innovations

Project Idea or Description:

The AIMGLOBAL model consists of the following career-development interventions with real-world contexts and disruptive innovations:
(1) e-Workshop (for high school teachers)
(2) e-Academy (for high school students)
(3). e-School for high school teachers and students
(4). e-Externship for undergraduate or high school students with concurrent enrollments in college
(5). e-Fellowship for graduate students

How will this idea advance broadening participation in computing?

To broaden participation in computing, the project team will recruit and retain talents from the underserved population (e.g., females, minorities, the neurodivergent, the differently able/disabled, the disadvantaged, and the LGBTQIA+) by providing these underrepresented subgroups of teachers and students with free access to robust (1) workforce-development programs; (2) career-exploration, knowledge-acquisition, and skill-development venues; (3) and innovative e-teaching resources and e-learning tools (e.g., 24/7 e-tutorials); and (4) interactions with industry professionals serving as internship supervisor or research mentors to stay connected with technology-infused careers/emerging trends.

recruitment strategies to target the u

and retain talents from the undersered By implementing strategies to address can promote STEM+Computing participation by

A resource or asset that would be very valuable to add to my project:

One learned lesson from a NSF ITEST funded project (Award ##1758975, 2018–2022), Computer Forensics for Higher School Girls in Oklahoma (CF4Girls), is the lack of teacher development. Oklahoma, due to the high demands for Computer Science (CS) teachers, often hire teachers with alternative certificate to teach CS. Quite often, these teachers lacked the educational qualification and teaching experience. Even with trainings, the challenge to implement/adapt their existing curriculum remains a challenge as teachers are so busy with their regular curriculum and standardized tests. Thus, a team with expertise in K-12 teacher development and STEM/CS implementation in formal school settings will be valuable to my project(s).

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