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The historical homogeneity of STEM decision-makers and leaders means that critical perspectives are often missing from the discourse around challenges that directly affect those underrepresented in computer science education and the tech workforce. In response, the Aspiring PI Summit aims to offer resources and experiences that will build capacity for a diverse pool of aspiring PIs to develop competitive proposals in response to CISE EWF solicitations. 

Summit Schedule

The Resubmission Action Plan is a tool that facilitates deeper understanding of review panel feedback and helps to create a plan for using feedback to improve the  project and increase the chances of a successful resubmission.

The API Summit offers programmed sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, and other opportunities on Tuesday and Friday. The API Summit will not have a printed conference booklet. For up-to-date information on the agenda, download the Whova Conference app, and select CISE EWF Conference. Or view it online here.


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